Jonathan Fischer

Dsc 0103

Throughout the years, one of the very best things about owning the lodge has been the opportunity to watch the children of our customers as they grow older. Some of these children have come to feel like an extension of our family. One such young man was Jon Fischer, the youngest son of Henry Fischer, whom many of you have had the chance to get to know - particularly once Henry moved to SC full time. We were fortunate enough to watch Johnathan grow from a little boy into a strong and gentleman that any one of us would have been proud to call son.

Jon was spending his summer here in SC doing an internship in preparation for his senior year at the University of Florida. Tragically, he died earlier this week as the result of an auto accident, and our hearts couldn't possibly be any heavier. We loved Jon, we love Henry and his family and are feeling deeply the loss of this wonderful young man from our lives. His story was not complete, and yet we were lucky to have been written into the pages at all. For that, at least, we are grateful.

Take this opportunity to look around you and to take stock of the blessings you have in your lives. Tell the people that you love how you feel and treasure your time with them. Jonathan will be remembered in a service on Monday at 11:00 in Ormond Beach at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Additionally, his high school will be naming a weight room in his honor. Please check back on how you can make a contribution. We will miss you Jon!

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Dsc 0103