Hunting Fees

Deer/Hog Combination   $650/day
Hog-Day   $600day
Hog-Night (minimum 2 nights) $700/night
  Starter (over 4' and up to 7') $1,250
  Standard (over 7' and up to 9') $2,250
  Trophy (over 9' and up to 11') $3,250
  Dinosaur (over 11') $4,250
Alligators have cleaning and processing fees based upon size and selected options.
Turkey/Hog Combination    
  Guided $700/day
  Self-Guided $600/day
Turkey/Night Hog Combination   $925/day
Non-hunter   $200/day

All of our fees include lodging, meals, guide service, field transportation, game tracking/retrieval, game handling (dressing, skinning, quartering), trophy care, and the use of any necessary equipment. Additionally, we can help arrange meat processing and taxidermy services for all of our target species.

There are no penalty, additional or hidden fees at Red Bluff Lodge.