2011 Deer Season Opening Week Report


We have survived the first couple of weeks of deer season. Based on the harvest we should call it hog season! For as few hunters as we had, the hunting was great. Our hunters saw plenty of deer and hogs! We shot at 11 bucks, killing 6, and shot at 11 hogs, killing 10! Latham has been on a roll with his new rifle. He killed a beautiful 8 pt. and two hogs. I have hunted more in two weeks with him than I have hunted in the past 14 seasons! I love his enthusiasm though! Kody, our last surviving trail dog, surprised me by barking at a wounded buck, which hopefully will continue for the rest of the year. We are in full battle mode in preparation for alligator season which starts September 1. The shooting range has been upgraded, thanks to a grant from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, to three (3) 100 yd. rifle ranges and one (1) 50 yd. combination shotgun and pistol range. We have a full range of shooting accessories and items in the sports shop and look forward to everybody's visit!

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