2011 Alligator Season Recap


What a great hunting season we had in 2011! Our team hunted 35 days and our clients harvested 27 alligators ranging in size from a 75# 7 footer to a 505# 12 footer! Over the past 4 seasons, our team has really learned a tremendous amount of information about alligator behavior and alligator hunting. We have increased our average size alligator from 2008 of 6' and 90# to 9'7.5" and 190#. I am very lucky to have one of the best teams on the water. We truly are modern-day dinosaur hunters, and we are good at it!! Thank you to all of the folks that helped with the logistics of the season and to the clients for your business. We have some awesome footage that I am working on post-production editing and will be posting soon!

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